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Don't be that person...

Ya'll, I am legit sick of people arguing over some coffee. The simple solution to any situation is plain and simple - you don't like it, do not buy it. If you do not support a certain business, do not go to the business. Quit trying to make everyone else follow your beliefs or views.

Last time I checked, the people bitching on FB about coffee do not pay my bills, they do not feed me and I can also guarantee that I do not spend my days thinking about any of them.

Life is too short but yet, here we go again mad because your neighbor's daughters best friend bought a white chocolate mocha from Starbucks. Who cares.

Life is too short and yet, we have to read the same person trying to police everyone everyday on where to shop.

Life is too short. There are way more important things to talk about. Let's talk about your kid scoring the winning soccer goal. Let's talk about your new puppy or kitten. Let's talk about your new son or daughter in law. Let's make talking mean something and not just some random opinion on coffee.

People, facebook was meant for people to keep in touch with loved ones living far away etc. and yet, it is nothing but a place to air dirty laundry, complain about the neighbors cat and, bitch about coffee.

I usually do two things on facebook, shop from my local friends and post my babies pictures. But, I cannot even log in without someone complaining about coffee.I feel bad I even wrote a blog but someone has to say it. Who better than a crazy grieving mother? And do I really care if it offends anyone, NO!

Life is short. Drink whatever coffee you want. Tell your people you love them. Respect yourself and your children. Pray everyday and most importantly, treat those you love like there is no tomorrow.

Jeremiah 31:3 "I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness."

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