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Every story deserves a great.....


Every story needs a great beginning and, a great ending. But, the middle part, that's the best.

Yeah, you want to be at the beginning and the end but, be in the middle too.

Be a part of the happiness, sadness, anger, love, hate, hurt, tears, laughter, all of it.

Be the part of the story that gets told over and over.

Everyone loves to hear stories but don't you want to be the good part of the story. I do.

I can tell you countless stories of the kids that included me and you know what, I am glad to be in the middle.

The time we made a weekend road trip to go see the Tennessee Titans play the New York Giants. How we got to White Castle and witnessed the best display of kindness ever. How the workers did not play into the rude customers that wanted the homeless man to leave. How they had to leave instead. How the lady told us that he had just gotten out of the hospital, it was cold and you know what, he paid for his food and he could sit at that booth as long as he wanted. How she then took my own Harold and Kumar into the kitchen to show them how white castles were made.

How one child packed clothes for the beach and one packed a pillow and xbox. How regardless of how cold we were and how much money we spent unnecessary, we made memories and we made up the middle part of an amazing story.

There are countless stories where the middle was way better than the beginning or the end.

Do not just try and be the best beginning or ending to something, be the best in the middle.

Be the part of the story that has a bigger meaning than anyone can imagine. Whether it is your story or someone else, make the middle count.

"Meet me in the middle of your story when the soul is worn but wise...."

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