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Fake, fake....

Y’all, fake people get on my nerves.

I am not talking about fake hair, nails, eyes, etc. No. I am talking about fake people.

You know the ones that act like they are everyones friend but yet, they are really no ones friend. Trust me.

They are fake.

They will act like your feelings etc matter but, they will turn around and badmouth you to their momma, sister, neighbor and, stranger.

But, it’s all good. God didn’t put these people in your life for you to make a best friend out of, he put them in your life for a lesson. If you’ve experienced the queen or king of fake, you understand.

Lezlie had a couple people she honestly tried and tried to like but, it was hard. They put on a good show but, they weren’t all that. Bad thing is, she knew this and that’s probably why her heart kept them as friends.

Zach on the other hand hasn’t really experienced that but, boys are different. They will be scared and Leave but, they remain friends cause it just happens. .

I have had a friend or two like that but, life lessons is all I will say. It is hard to know who to trust but at the same time, it’s harder to realize there’s a lesson in that pain. Something good will come out of it even through the heartbreak.

Fake friends are all around, learn the signs.

As far as fake hair, nails, eye lashes, tans, etc., all I can say is don’t overdo it. I mean you can’t look like a ghost in the summer, nails should look nice and hair, well, we will leave that alone.

“Life is too short for fake butter, cheese, or people.”

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