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I feel....

Let me write about exactly what I feel at this moment.

I am tired.

I am sad.

I am angry.

I am hungry (haha).

I am not just physically tired, I am mentally tired. Emotionally. Just TIRED.

I am sad when I see all the kids going to college, enjoying their summer jobs or vacations because my baby cannot. I am sad when her bubba does stuff that I know she'd love but, she cannot.

I am angry. I am angry when I see people that basically suck continue to enjoy things that the rest of us that don't suck should. Then, I pray that God forgives me for that but, I am not perfect. He is.

I am always hungry.

I am forever faithful to my Almighty, powerful God. I know he has his arms tight around my Lezlie and sweet Mal. I know she's there and she's probably saying "ugh, she's crying again," or "suck it up buttercup". Something Lezlie would say.

Regardless, I will fight on regardless of how tired, angry, sad and hungry I am because, one day I will walk through those gates and there she will be, all in her angel glory.

Until then......I sure love and miss my sweet girl.

Matthew 21:22 "And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith."

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