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It is getting close to that time of year

The time of year that as much as we won't to forget, we cannot.

The time of year that gets harder and harder as the years go by.

Imagine, 5 years. It is almost 5 years since my sweet baby took her last breath. Five whole years.

Imagine that you send the normal text messages that day, the I love you's etc. and then, that is it.

You get a phone call. What is worse the news media has plastered a picture all over the internet of a child that was tragically killed in a car accident and that child, that child was one of yours.

It is really sad that the media only wants to make themselves get that quick news story out and a buck. They will post anything anytime and not care who it hurts. But, that's what money does and that, is another story.

Imagine having to call your family and tell them that what they saw was true.

Imagine living everyday for the rest of your live questioning if there was something you could've done different, what if you could have gotten off work and got to the school to get her. What if you just let her play hooky. What if.....

What if will kill you quicker than you can imagine.

So while it is getting closer to that time of year, instead of imaging what could have or might have or should have been, live. Share stories. Pray for us. Listen and most importantly, do not forget our babies because we never will.

Psalm 45:10 "Be still, and know that I am God...."

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