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It's been a long time....

It really has.

I started this as a way to vent when I was feeling bad, sad, mad, etc.

I actually got a lot of relief from it. It was also a way to let others know that they were not alone.

I got off track. I can tell that I did and have been mad, sad and feeling bad but, I am back.

Let me tell you about the best dog you could ever have, BO. Bo was the boss. He was the favorite. He was the cutest little lab puppy you had ever seen.

He was an escape artist and went missing one time when he escaped. But, my parents never gave up looking for him and he heard them on that Rhino and guess what, he caught up with them and he came home. Longest couple of days ever.

He was the protector. When snowman wanted to act bigger than he was and bark for no reason, Bo stopped him. Bo didn't like his people to be barked at for no reason.

Bo, went to heaven yesterday. I was there when he took his last breath. JJ too. I told Bo it was okay, he can run and play with Lezlie, she was waiting.

I am going to say this and believer or not, I know she was waiting and he saw her and right before he took that last breath, his tail started wagging. You know the kind of wag that a pet does when he sees his loved one. He saw her, she was waiting and guess what, they are together now.

There will never be another BO. There will never be another Lezlie. There will be plenty of tears the next few days because, he was a part of our lives for 11 years......11 years and he loved us as much as we loved him.

Love your pets, all of them. Even when they bark too much, eat your food, tear up your newspaper, pee on the floor, make a mess, lick your face, lay there paws on you to let you know they love you too, just love them. Pet them and let them know you are there person and they are your big boy, girl, etc. They don't get a long life so make it count.

Imagine, that sweet lab running in heaven and eating all the dog treats he can have.

"A Dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself....."

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Carrie Whitehead
Carrie Whitehead
Apr 11, 2021

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