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Let her cry....

You know sometimes people seem to get a little weird when we cry. But, they have to realize - we may cry at things they normally wouldn't, and we may cry a whole lot.

I am a crier. Unfortunately, I will cry at anything. I cry at songs. The first time I heard "You should be here", I cried. It took me forever to listen to it and, I still cry. When I saw the video, I cried. I felt I needed to go and see/meet Cole Swindell and give him a hug because, he cried in that video.

I cry when people share good news. It is not meant to be a bad thing but, I will cry. Your child walks for the first time, I will cry.

I cry at tv shows.

I cry at stores when I see the back of someone that looks like Lezlie.

I cry if I see something in a magazine, a saying, a story, etc.

I cry at movies, even if they are not cry worthy but, sometimes something is said and I relate it to her.

I cry all the time and I cry a lot. Unfortunately, I do not like for people to know this especially if its a big cry. I don't hide it well.

I have especially cried a lot here lately and I am sure, it won't get better.

Lets us cry. It is something we will do a whole lot for a long time and, it is needed. Just sit with us. Hey, you can cry with us too as long as you respect us.

Psalm 40:1 "He heard my cry."

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