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Let it go, again...

Have you ever realized that sometimes you are angry about something and everyone knows it.


Like for instance, the people that work in Academy's customer service need to take a lesson in customer service. So, I tried my best to let it go but when she copped an attitude, via chat, I basically said there is absolutely nothing you can help me with at this point, my next step is letting your company know they need to work on how customer service talks/chats with customers. Then before I could really say how I felt I hit disconnect.

So, I will wait about an hr or 2 and then send a message that they need to work on how chat is handled and how a simple question shouldn't be turned into making the customer feel and look stupid. Which, I did not feel or look either, I just know someone else may have.

So, I sort of let it go. I believe if you are ever mistreated by a business you are doing business with or are made to feel like that, you need to let someone know but be nice. Be mindful and be courteous, dont be like they were.

Holidays are hard. Its hard to get through the day let alone the season and sometimes people, inadvertently, make you feel alone, stupid and then you get angry. Then you want the whole wide world to know but, let it go. It is okay to let people know how you felt or feel but, do it in a way you don't seem so bitter or mad or MEAN. Let it go, let it go and let God.

Thats the point. We all have feelings, they get hurt and it is okay to let people know but, let God handle how you let it go.

Proverbs 3:5 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding."

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