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Let me help you...

It is so hard for anyone that has not experienced such a loss as that of child to help those that have.

But, it can be done.

I know that I may have covered this before but, it is something that needs to be brought up a lot.

I probably could help someone experiencing a loss more than someone that has never been in my shoes. Now, with that being said, losing a child in a tragedy such as an accidental shooting, MVA, etc., is different that losing one to a sickness. The thing that is the same is this, your child is no longer here and you will grieve. You will grieve long and hard. You will want to die. You will be mad at God, your friends, your family, yourself. It is okay to be mad. It is okay to cry and cry a lot. It is okay to feel like you want to stop living.

It is not okay to try and stop living. I will gladly talk to anyone that needs me. I may not know exactly what to say but, I know for a fact I have probably experienced every emotion you are and probably will for a long time.

I still get mad. I still hate myself. I still ask God why? Why? I want to know that answer but I also know I will get that answer when I see God. At that point I may not care as long as my sweet girl is waiting, its the now part that kills me. I get mad because I see kids that have been raised to be bullies etc and yet my sweet child was taken. I see parents that do not care about anything but themselves and yet my sweet child was taken. I have spent many times angry about these things and catch myself now thinking, you know what, its pointless. But, I still do it. And it is normal.

You will hurt a long time, you will never get over this but, reach out. If your family doesn't seem to be able to help find someone that has experienced something similar. I guarantee you can help each other.

Live. Remember to Live. Some of these feelings come and go but, grief lasts forever and it is normal to not want to live but, Live!

Psalm 46:5 "God is within her, she will not fail."

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