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Let's discuss healing...

Healing, not in the physical form like you cut your hand but, mental health.

Healing from the loss of your child is like having an open wound that will just not close.

Let's say you go to therapy, you have to talk about how you feel and what if there is something that you did or had happen that comes up, you have to heal from that too.

Like physical therapy, you have to have it for your knee and as you start going and exercising etc., you remember that hip that hurts.

But there is a such thing as needed suffering and that that is not needed. That may be way mental healing is harder.

I get anxiety if I see a wreck, here about a wreck, hear MHP flying down the interstate, ride in a car with someone. You name it.

I cannot see the healing that is taking place but, people say they can tell.

Some people have visible scars, I have many but, I have ones that you cannot see. When you look at a scar you are reminded why it happened, how it could have been prevented and, how you have changed. Healing from the death of a child is not that easy. Of course you can see how it happened. I'll never really know why. I cannot go back over and over how we could have stopped it but, I can see how I have changed.

Healing, it happens physically and mentally. I will never completely heal from losing my baby just like some may never recover from a stroke. We both have scars and we both have changed. I also guarantee we both never want to experience it again.

Psalm 147:3 "He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds."

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