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More kids.....

Let me start by saying that I have quite a few to be thankful for.

Paul Ray. I remember him coming to Vicksburg one evening to bring someone some candy and a drink. Him and Lezlie were buddies. He has texted me often to see how I am. He was there at the beginning and I bet til the end. Lezlie loved Paul ray. I bet he feels the same.

Sarah Elizabeth. I cannot imagine how she felt having to grace that softball field without #19. Probably as bad as the rest of us. These were two of my favorite players. I remember all the first day of school pictures with them two together. I know she loves and misses Lezlie. She has a heart of gold. She is a beautiful girl inside and out.

Lets talk about cousins. Brittany, her and Lezlie were the best of friends. I have many pictures and videos of them together. They were inseparable alot of the times. They have so many memories together. She loved her aunt Rachel and uncle Eddie too. Brittany has always been so thoughtful to me. She remembers me on holidays. She is pretty amazing She is truly wonderful, kind, she has grown to be pretty awesome.

Kristen. I know there are a ton of videos with her, Lezlie and Brittany too. They were all the best of friends and that’s what’s cousins do. I know that she loved Lezlie. I know she still does and I know she misses her. It’s amazing to me how Lezlie is still so loved by everyone. She loved going to aunt Lisa’s and she loved hanging out with Kristen. Kristen was always a wonderful cousin, friend and she has turned into a beautiful and kind hearted young lady.

Anna Claire. The crazy mixed up shoes. The times she begged for me to take her to see Anna Claire. The mud riding. The mud. Easter weekend 2015. Memories and pictures. Cousins that were always best friends. they had the best of times and they have some pretty awesome memories. Anna Claire loves Lezlie and I know she misses her so much. She thinks about her all the time. Anna has been a sweetheart. She has turned out to Be sweet, kind and a pretty girl.

Lezlie loved her family and her friends. No, I’m not done, just done for tonight.

John 3:18 “ There is No judgement against anyone who believes in him.”

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