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You are a Warrior....

There are things some mothers need to know.

You didn't fail as a mother, not even a tiny bit.

You aren't horrible. We know you didn't chose this, you also didn't want this to happen. Nothing you did was wrong. It just happened, to you and to me. It just happened even though you prayed and you hoped it wouldn't.

God wasn't trying to punish you. It wasn't done to smite you or teach you a lesson. God doesn't work like that. This could not have been prevented. Not even if you tried harder. Not if you prayed harder. Not even if you were a better person. Nothing.

You are the best mother there is because you would have done ANYTHING to keep your child alive. Anything. I know for a fact this is true.

You would have done anything to keep your child alive, even give your last breath. You would choose this pain all over again for one more minute together. That is the ultimate kind of love and you are the best kind of mother.

Walk away from anyone that has betrayed you, the naysayers or, the ones that walked away when you needed them the most. Walk away from those who judged you wrong or stigmatized you because of what happened.

Remember, it wasn't your fault. It will never be your fault.

Sometimes, you yourself are your own worst enemy telling yourself over and over that you failed as a mother. Convincing yourself that if this or that would have happened, you wouldn't be in this position.

That is a lie. The worst kind. Don't fall for it or believe it. Just breathe.

No one could do what you are doing. No one could get up and go everyday when you don't want to. You want to lie in bed. You want to quit. You want to throw in the towel but, you don't. No one else can help you mother your child, your child that died as bravely as you are. This is the worse burden there is, the heaviest and the most torturous.

Breathe, keep fighting. Keep believing. You did not fail!

People don't realize how hard it is to mother a child that is no longer here. One you can no longer touch, see or feel. You are fighting for your own survival. Just by getting up and going.

You are a warrior. You get knocked down seven times, get up eight. And you know what, I am a warrior too because I have lost a child and, I struggle everyday to live. But, I continue on because I did not fail.

Jeremiah 20:11 "But the lord is with me like a mighty warrior."

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1 Comment

Amen this is so true!!! Breathe and keep going !!!!

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