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You are not really....

my friend. I mean let us be honest.

If I cannot benefit you, you are not my friend. Yet, you will tell the world you are and even say we are best friends but, you are not really my friend.

Why? Well, how can a friendship be one sided. How can you call yourself a friend yet, you believe everything you hear. You think I am friends with people you don't like. I am not but, God is a forgiving person and at the end of the day everyone needs to be more like him. Yet, you are so fast to ignore and delete. It is okay, I forgive you. You are not really my friend.

You do not understand why I do certain things and you know what it is okay! Trust me. Not everyone needs your approval and I honestly do not care to have it. I decided a long time ago that, well maybe not that long, I have to do what I am okay with.

You are not really my friend.

Why? I watched a video for school on communicating and you know what, instead of trying to make my tragedy all about yours, you should have just listened to me. Prayed with me but, you could not do that. Not everyone's tragedy is the same and it is okay.

You are not really my friend. You sit and talk about me, and you know what, I am okay with that. You listen to your other so "friends", a term I will use loosely because, you used to talk to me about them.

At the end of the day, you are not really my friend and I count my blessings that God let me leave you behind.

You see, you are not really my friend but, you used to be. Because of that I am a better person and, not bitter. You are not really my friend but, Lezlie loved you anyway and bless her that she sees someone she loved not being my friend. I hate that friendships end but not everyone makes it to your future and that is okay. That is the plan after all. Not all your friends remain your true friends. Not all your enemies remain your enemies.

But, I am sure you will sit and read this and text that person you used to talk about to me and talk to her / him about me. It is okay.

You are not really my friend, after all.

Job 17:5 "He that denounceth his friends for a prey, Even the eyes of his children shall fail."

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